Wenzhou Fengdi Auto Electrical Co., Ltd., which was invested by Wenzhou Fengdi Connector Co., Ltd. in 2007, is a Chinese battery terminal and automotive connector manufacturer. Since our establishment, we have been specialized in the design, manufacture and sale of various parts used in the automotive industry. Our products include battery terminal, battery terminal electrical control module, automotive wire terminal, automotive connector, fuse holder, wire clip, cable tie, electrical component module, etc. Among them, battery terminal which is approved by German Volkswagen and German Audi is our core product. Our laboratory was also certificated by Volkswagen in 2009.

  • Auto Body Securing Clip
  • Auto Body Securing Clip The auto body securing clip is mainly used for the positioning of the automotive body ...
  • Cable Tie
  • Cable TieThe cable tie the general term for a type of plastic part that integrates two or more components into one unit...
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