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The tube cable terminal mainly goes through punching process and adopts T2Y2 copper as the raw material, the mechanical property of which is in line with GB/T 1527-2006, and the chemical composition complies with GB/T 5231-2001. As a result, the product enjoys good electrical and mechanical properties, and is easy to disassemble. With our rich experience in the production of this type of product, and specialized tooling for automated production, the product stability and capacity are fully ensured.

In order to improve the corrosion resistance, weldability and sealing performance, the surface of the product uses a variety of treatments, such as bright tin plating, dark tin plating, etc. This tube cable terminal is now widely used for automotive cables, and is suitable for wires with a range of 0.5-95mm². Based on customer needs, it can also be specially designed to apply to other wire diameter. Because of our mold design and manufacturing center, the appropriate crimping method can be designed to achieve the required performance.

Only part of the production information is shown on this page. For more information, please download the PDF document.

Part No. Model Picture Material Surface treatment Applicable wire(mm²) Minimum packing quantity(pc) Remarks
080019 8E0 971 859 M T2Y2 Bright tin plating 35 100 Applicable wire(mm²): 16,25,50,12,10
080125 FDJ451A-7-22 T2Y2 Bright tin plating 22 100 Applicable wire(mm²): 25
080135 FD451-7-22 T2Y2 Bright tin plating 22 100 /
080099 1-13-5 -006 CuZn39Pb2 Dark tin plating 12/32 100 /
080153 320150188-L T2Y2 Dark tin plating 6 200 /
080006 893 971 859 D T2Y2 Bright tin plating 16 100 Applicable wire(mm²): 25
080085 8K0 971 859 T2Y2 Bright tin plating 25 100 /
080044 4F 0 971 859 K CuZn39Pb2 Bright tin plating 35/50 100 /
080045 8E0 971 859 S CuZn39Pb2 Dark tin plating 35 100 /
080088 8K0 971 859 D CuZn39Pb2 Bright tin plating 16/35 50 /
080243 G080243-8-30 T2Y 100
Model Picture Part No. Material / Thickness Surface treatment/ color Weight Applicable wire (mm2) Min. packing quantity Remarks Applicable automobile model
G080216-8-25 080216 T2Y2/ Ф10×1.5 Tin plated 20.9g 25 100   SGE
K030802D-6-35 030802 H70Y2/ T=1.8 Tin plated 13.5g   100   SGM
G080225-8-35 080225 T2Y2/ ∅12×1.75 Tin plated 19g   100   MMC
G080224-6.5-35   080224 T2Y2/ ∅12×1.75 Tin plated 24g   100   MMC
4G0 971 859 D 080187 T2Y2/ ∅14×2 Tin plated     100   /

As a specialized tube cable terminal manufacturer and supplier in China, FDJ also provides automotive wire terminal, automotive connector, battery clamp and battery terminal, wire clip, and more.

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