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The auto body securing clip is mainly used for the positioning of the automotive body harness and piping. This type of product generally requires tape winding. It is characterized by high anti-aging and anti-corrosion performance, as well as good resistance to high/low temperature and mechanical shock.

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Part No. Model Picture Material Color Jack Plate thickness δ Minimum packing quantity(pc) Remarks
150011 FDXJ-01 PA66 Black / / 500 /
150019 FDXJ-02 B:PA66 C:Silicone Black / / 400 /
150106 TCL-3A PA66 White φ7 1.5 1000 /
150061 XJ-72 PP Black φ7 / 500 /
150009 XJ-62 PP Black / / 500 /
Model Part No. Picture Material /
Surface treatment/ color Weight Applicable wire (mm2) Min. packing quantity Remarks Applicable automobile model
E00002345-L 150172 PA66(N66-
  2.4g   150   C346/C520

As a specialized auto body securing clip manufacturer and supplier in China, FDJ also offers wire clip, auto female wire terminal, battery clamp and battery terminal, and battery terminal electronic control module, etc.

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