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The cable tie the general term for a type of plastic part that integrates two or more components into one unit. The product has aging resistance, high and low temperature resistance, mechanical shock resistance, corrosion resistance, and many other outstanding characteristics. This product can be commonly found in the locating of the auto body wire harness and pipeline.

Only part of the production information is shown on this page. For more information, please download the PDF document.

Part No. Model Picture Material Color Jack Plate thickness δ Minimum packing quantity(pc)
160038 82711-16820 PA66 Black/Brown / / 150
160028 ZDSφ7-142×8.5 PA66 Black φ7 0.7-2.0 100
160020 ZDS143×5 PA66 Black / / 100
160017 ZDG158X5 PA66 Black/White φ7 0.6-1.2 150
160021 OB-4-B PA66 Black φ7 0.7-2.4 150
160054 3203505D9-L PA66 Black φ6.5 0.8-3.0 100
160035 AD376000010 D:PP E:Silicone Black B: 12.2*7.5 0.6-1.9 150
160029 AD37600008 PA66 Black / / 150
160063 98AG-14A169-BA-L PA66 Black / / 100
150179 DWK150179-7X12 PA66 BLACK T=0.8~~2.5MM \ L W =12*7mm 100
090661 KZ090661R   red 1000
Model Picture Part No. Material /
Surface treatment/ color Weight Applicable wire(mm2) Min. packing quantity Remarks Applicable automobile model
ZD160073B-7   160073 PA66(101L)
Black 1.56g Φ7 150   /

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